Rally Beast Prepped!

So here’s a quick update and probably the last major one as the Rally Beast (Rally Accent) is now virtually ready to rally!

In a nutshell, the following has been performed since the last blog update:

1.  Coolant flush and refill carried out last Wednesday

2. New right-hand CV shaft and boots…this was a bit pricey but necessary…

3. 2″ straight-through cat-back exhaust installed

4. Headlight lens cleaning/brightening performed. Lots of elbow grease, but well worth it! See pictures below for before/after comparisons; the headlights now produce noticeably more light which is great

5. 1kg rally-approved fire extinguisher now installed. My co-driver also purchased another extinguisher…so hoping to mount that one too before the rally stage!

6. More stickers! With more to come still haha. This also includes the battery safety triangle sticker fitted…

7. GoPro has been mounted in the driver’s rear quarter window and serves to give a great wide-angle view of the action

8. My helmet also arrived…will definitely need that!

9. My co-driver’s helmet is also on the way. I am toying with using BlueTooth comms via headphones to communicate with him over the din of the interior and exhaust.

The rest of the update will be fulfilled with pictures. And, as a bit of a treat, a video!

I didn’t get time to PlastiDip the dashboard as hoped in the last update…I may or may not do this depending on time/resources.

I did get time to take the vehicle out for its ‘first trial’ in a wooded-area last weekend however. I must say driving at-speed over loose surfaces is definitely another feeling altogether: one of sheer delight and sheer terror at the same time! At one point in the video the vehicle suffered some unintended oversteer but I managed to bring it back on-course. My intention was not to go ‘all-out’ with the car, but more to get a feel for how it behaves on the dirt. All-in-all, a very enjoyable day out…I will let the video do the rest of the explaining. I am glad that the upcoming rally event will be taking place in a much more open area with little (no?) trees and drop-offs…

So what’s next?

I am flying out of town with work for the next week or so, so updates may be sparse, but as aforementioned, the car is now basically ready for the rally event on the 20th May 2017. I should be back in town by the 12th, so I will have one final weekend to carry out any last minute preparations before the event the following weekend. I am hoping to do one final ‘shakedown’ with my co-driver to test-out our comms and the car and our team dynamic to ensure things are as ready as they can be, for the following weekend.


P.S. Please remember, if you wish to contribute/support me, my GoFundMe page link is also below. Thank you if you choose to do this. Every little bit helps!





Hyundai Accent Rally Update!

Since buying the car on the 20th April, there has been an absolute FLURRY of activity on it. I spent virtually the entire weekend in the garage working on this beast, and this post will serve to bring you up-to-date with the latest goings-on with this vehicle!

Tomorrow, my co-driver will be joining me in the workshop to perform further works on the vehicle, so I thought I’d take the time now to show you all what the car currently looks like and document what has been done, before any further work is carried-out.

So what exactly has been done you ask?

Well! I’m glad you did! Below is a list of all the works completed so-far on the car:

– Complete removal of all wheels for inspection of running-gear such as brakes, axles, suspension, etc. I am happy to report that the majority of components are in good-shape. Whilst the rear shocks are a bit soft, and brake linings over half way worn, and CV boots on the outer axles may need some work soon, the overall package driveline-wise is serviceable. I also tested the brake fluid and found it almost completely devoid of moisture according to my brake fluid tester. This was of course tested at the brake reservoir only.

– The biggest time-sink so far has been reconditioning the old, rusty, steel rims on the vehicle. Now, before I go any further, I will say that originally my plans were to upgrade away from the stock 13″ steel wheels and purchase 15″ alloy wheels and 195/50/R15 Potenza rubber. HOWEVER, I made the decision over the weekend to not ahead with that plan…simply because of cost. The 15″ upgrade would have cost me in the region of over a grand. Money which I don’t really want to spend so early on in the piece. Looking at the current 175/70/13 tyres, they are actually in great shape, so I figure why not go with these for the first rally stage. So with that decision made, I decided to recondition the steel wheels; this involved rust removal and repainting them in a flat white. I also applied tyre lettering. This ended-up costing me peanuts compared to doing a tyre and wheel upgrade. But the downside was, it took almost half the weekend to complete just these items. And of course, the tractive benefits from the 13″ wheel package may not be as great as a 15″  upgrade, but again, cost is the main driving factor here and all that said, I am very happy with the way the wheels and tyres have turned-out! They really make the vehicle pop in the looks department!

– I started stripping out more of the rear interior trim pieces. The rally rules state that front door trims are required however, so those aren’t going anywhere, but anything in the rear can go (as far as possible). This should help save some more weight!

– I performed an oil change on the vehicle. Including using a genuine Hyundai oil filter. Oil is Penrite 20W-60…for maximum protection/oil pressure under the strains of a rally. Good choice I think. The engine only needs 3.3 litres of oil! Plenty spare for top-up in the 5 litre oil container I purchased.

– Over the weekend I also purchased a new genuine SPARCO gear-knob and some seat covers. You may laugh at these additions, but they will hopefully serve to preserve the re-sale of the car as well as hopefully making it look the part. The gear knob itself is pretty fancy as a rally-inspired piece.

– I refreshed the wiper arms by removing rust and re-painting in a nice matte black paint.

– I also re-painted the front grille a nice matte black to refresh it.

– Aside from this, I have started on the stickers! There will be stickers for the names of the driver (me!) and my co-driver.

These items may not seem like much but believe me, they took a whole weekend to do; especially the preparation and painting of the wheels and tyre lettering…both of which I guess were most cosmetic than anything else, but still! They help the vehicle look the part…haha. Costs for the above number around the $230 mark for those wondering.

The key thing to bear in mind with this entire project…is COST. This is a BUDGET BUILD for an AMATEUR rally stage. :)

And finally, as of today, I have officially entered the rally! This includes the entry fee and licenses for both myself and my co-driver. All-in, around $250 of extra expense.

So what’s next on the list? Tomorrow (25th April), my co-driver will be coming to visit the workshop and view/work on the vehicle for the first time. It will be nice to not work solo for a change. :) When he visits, we will first go shopping and spend some more hard-earned cash however. :)

Some of the items we will purchase are listed below:

– Purchase at least one 1kg fire extinguisher – this is very important and part of the requirements to enter the rally!

– Purchase of a reflective safety triangle – another important requirement for the rally.

– Purchase of some spare drive belts for the engine. E.g. water pump and power steering belts. These are essential spares in case of failure during the stages.

– Possible purchase of a new air filter. Service records on the vehicle are spotty, and therefore best to have this changed-out.

– Possible purchase of headlight lens cleaner – the current lenses have seen better days! Maybe some spot lights to purchase if the wallet is feeling feisty…no promises however!

Once back in the workshop, we plan to carry out the following work on the vehicle:

– Installation of said fire extinguisher(s?) – a metal bracket and secure bolts are required. This will take a bit of time.

– Finalise removal of rear interior trim. This will serve to save ever more weight.

– Possible installation of some radiator protection; i.e. some mesh for the radiator perhaps.

– Removal of remaining “interior protrusions”. This is a requirement for the rally, that no sharp objects remain in the interior of the vehicle. With the rear seat gone, there are some brackets and hinges still bolted to the chassis; these will need to be removed to leave a flat floor.

– Possible Plastidip application to the interior front door trims and dashboard. I am thinking a nice matte black to match the real rally Hyundai Accent. This will take some time but hopefully serve to really make the interior look the part.

– Possible mounting of a GoPro into the interior cabin of the vehicle. This has been approved by the rally organisers.

– Continuation of stickers/decals! The most fun part of course. :)

Looking ahead, on Wednesday, the vehicle is going in for a full coolant flush of the engine and radiator. Then on Saturday, the vehicle is booked-in for a 2″ sports exhaust from cat-back. :) There will sure to be updates at that time! Hopefully including a video. :)

On the following Sunday (30th April), with a lot of the work completed on the vehicle, I plan to drive it to an isolated area (sorry, no telling where!) and perform a ‘shakedown’ to test the vehicle out and put it through its paces with my co-driver. This will also be a good time to test our team dynamic in the car and perhaps make notes of any further improvements to be made before the actual rally starts on the 20th May.

I spoke to one of the rally organisers today, and they have allowed a GoPro installation to be made inside the vehicle cabin! So perhaps this will be sorted in-time for the shakedown for some quality footage to be provided to you all.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this update! For those who don’t yet know, I have started a GoFundMe page on the vehicle! Any and all donations are appreciated! We have, of this writing, already received our first generous donation of $30 so we profusely thank for donator for this contribution! This can go towards our fire extinguisher. :)

If you’d like to contribute, please do, at the following URL. Again, any amount is much appreciated!!! Your contributions will go towards making this vehicle the best it can be. :)


Before closing, the obligatory pictures of the latest happenings as described above. Until next time, enjoy!!

Note: the pictures below should be in chronological order, with the latest status of the vehicle shown in the very last photo below. Also note that I experimented with gold wheel rims at one stage…glad I didn’t go with them! I hope you agree. :)

20170421_071535 20170421_190420 20170421_190426 20170421_190446 20170421_190457 20170421_191359 20170421_205712 20170421_205720 20170421_205739 20170421_211300 20170421_212206 20170421_212745 20170422_001439 20170422_121037 20170422_133939 20170422_170021 20170422_170040 20170422_171413 20170423_091624 20170423_091631 20170423_091646 20170423_091733 20170423_100934 20170423_100942 20170423_162927 20170423_162936 20170423_162955 20170423_163003 20170423_163355 20170423_165813 20170423_170540 20170423_170545 20170423_172829 20170423_172832 20170423_175028 20170423_175543 20170423_175552 20170423_175559 20170423_175608 20170423_175626 20170423_175639 20170423_175657 20170423_175708 20170423_175720 20170423_175739 20170424_182512 20170424_192154 20170424_192201

Happy New Year! And a revival…of sorts…

Happy New Year  2014 all!

As usual, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. Many things happened in 2013, both blog-worthy and not (unfortunately), so I’ve got a bit of catching-up to do I fear.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to make sure I update this blog more often!

So, I thought I’d start this post with a bit of a rundown of the content you can expect to see on the blog this year:

1. More model kits! Yes, I have been building more model kits since the last update where I showed-off the Bussing 8000. Since the Bussing was completed six months ago, I have obtained no less than six kits which have promptly filled my study/hobby area, and I have so far completed two of those kits. Yes, the Harman Motor Works has its work cut out for it model kit-wise this year…and I intend to blog them all to within an inch of their plastic!

2. More Lego! Since having dismantled the Unimog kit, I have built (and completed) a brand new vehicle of my own design: a two cylinder pneumatic-engined tractor, using an engine I created as seen here in a video from over a year ago. Stay tuned for more info on that! (btw, I have also been dabbling in Lego robotics as of late, so you may come across a post or two detailing some of my creations on that front…I make no apologies for the any mind-bending robotic behaviour you may witness…)

3. More sim stuff! OK I will admit I have been a bit lax in updating this blog to align with my YouTube channel which has been updated a fair bit more frequently, mostly with simulation-related content. I will endeavour to have some posts up on this blog that will hopefully support those videos.

Again, thanks to all that are reading this (and have found this blog useful), I hope this year proves a successful one and here’s to more content!

P.S. Stay tuned: in keeping with the spirit of updating this blog regularly, I will very shortly have a new post up following this, that will showcase the latest model kit which I have just completed. What ever could it be?? More on that shortly!



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