Rally Beast Prepped!

So here’s a quick update and probably the last major one as the Rally Beast (Rally Accent) is now virtually ready to rally!

In a nutshell, the following has been performed since the last blog update:

1.  Coolant flush and refill carried out last Wednesday

2. New right-hand CV shaft and boots…this was a bit pricey but necessary…

3. 2″ straight-through cat-back exhaust installed

4. Headlight lens cleaning/brightening performed. Lots of elbow grease, but well worth it! See pictures below for before/after comparisons; the headlights now produce noticeably more light which is great

5. 1kg rally-approved fire extinguisher now installed. My co-driver also purchased another extinguisher…so hoping to mount that one too before the rally stage!

6. More stickers! With more to come still haha. This also includes the battery safety triangle sticker fitted…

7. GoPro has been mounted in the driver’s rear quarter window and serves to give a great wide-angle view of the action

8. My helmet also arrived…will definitely need that!

9. My co-driver’s helmet is also on the way. I am toying with using BlueTooth comms via headphones to communicate with him over the din of the interior and exhaust.

The rest of the update will be fulfilled with pictures. And, as a bit of a treat, a video!

I didn’t get time to PlastiDip the dashboard as hoped in the last update…I may or may not do this depending on time/resources.

I did get time to take the vehicle out for its ‘first trial’ in a wooded-area last weekend however. I must say driving at-speed over loose surfaces is definitely another feeling altogether: one of sheer delight and sheer terror at the same time! At one point in the video the vehicle suffered some unintended oversteer but I managed to bring it back on-course. My intention was not to go ‘all-out’ with the car, but more to get a feel for how it behaves on the dirt. All-in-all, a very enjoyable day out…I will let the video do the rest of the explaining. I am glad that the upcoming rally event will be taking place in a much more open area with little (no?) trees and drop-offs…

So what’s next?

I am flying out of town with work for the next week or so, so updates may be sparse, but as aforementioned, the car is now basically ready for the rally event on the 20th May 2017. I should be back in town by the 12th, so I will have one final weekend to carry out any last minute preparations before the event the following weekend. I am hoping to do one final ‘shakedown’ with my co-driver to test-out our comms and the car and our team dynamic to ensure things are as ready as they can be, for the following weekend.


P.S. Please remember, if you wish to contribute/support me, my GoFundMe page link is also below. Thank you if you choose to do this. Every little bit helps!





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