Paint Shop – Wilesco D320 Steam Lorry

Further to my most recent post detailing the acquisition of my Wilesco Steam Lorry, here is a follow-up post showing some of the minor modifications (all cosmetic) that I’ve performed of-late.

I’ve decided to take to the model with a paintbrush (well, aerosol can) and spruce-up the colour scheme somewhat. I found there was a little too much brass and other ‘conflicting’ colours on board, so I set about changing some of these finishes to give the model a more ‘professional’ look.

What was (re)painted

Listed below are the items I’ve re-painted so far:

  • RC receiver/battery box (painted a more-realistic wood brown – the wood texture was already molded into the plastic!)
  • Drive chain & drive cog (painted a semi-gloss black to remove the toy-ish brass look [not to mention the cheap ‘necklace’ look of the original brass chain!!])
  • Wheels and hubs painted semi-gloss black to better balance out the colour scheme (in my opinion, this change immediately transforms the model into looking like a ‘proper’ scale Lorry)
  • Rear axle painted flat black (except for the top-most surface – I wasn’t too sure if painting it completely would hinder the radio signal range as there is a ground wire (signal wire ?) connected to it from the RC receiver box
  • RC steering rod (flat black)

What’s next (maybe!)

Whilst I don’t want to make any promises, I do intend to actually re-visit the green colour scheme on the main body panels and cab and see what else I can achieve there.

My thoughts at the moment are a more dark green (think British Racing Green) rather than the colour shade the Lorry currently has.

Once I’ve done this, I may well choose to lose the golden plaque at the front of the Lorry (jury is still out on this however) and attempt some stencil lettering and perhaps if I’m feeling ambitious, attempt some pin-striping around the cab body panels. I may also choose to darken or otherwise stain the light wooden panels around the rear cargo tray and/or attempt further stencil lettering there also.

For the time being however, I thought this post would serve well to update on you on what I’ve achieved with the Lorry so far.


IMAG0396 IMAG0397 IMAG0399 IMAG0400 IMAG0401 IMAG0404

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