I bought a Jeep…

Ok well, a scale model of one, but hey, the title is technically still true!

Here’s my first ‘proper’ post for the year and it relates to a model kit I’ve very recently completed: the Willys Jeep in 1:24 scale by Italeri. In this post I’ll relay some of my thoughts after having completed this project and of course, show off pics (and video) of the build!

Initial thoughts

Upon opening this kit package, I found a very handy Photo Reference Guide. This booklet was a great reference during the build and I found myself flipping through the pages almost as much as the actual instructions themselves. The reference guide contains information such as history of the Willys Jeep, photos of the real thing, as well as several different paint schemes you may choose to paint. As an aside: when completing my kit, I chose to model it after the “Short Stop” scheme/vehicle, however I stopped-short (pun!!) of adding the face graphics to the vehicle; reason being I wanted a more clean look without any ‘childish’ decals, even if the real example had these!

Kit Contents

There are only TWO parts trees in this kit (well, three if you include the tiny transparent parts tree); this deceptively made me think this would be a quick and easy kit to build…not so! While it took almost no time at all to base coat and then paint the sprues (one green, one black), the actual build itself was very detailed and time-consuming. No matter, it was a blast to build and I’m very happy with the results, which leads me onto…


Fit and finish of the kit is excellent; I hardly needed to do much sanding or filing, aside from the usual. The only disadvantage I found however, and this is somewhat prevelant in the Italeri kits I’ve seen so far, is that the tyres are plastic and not actually rubber. Not a huge deal, as I could just as easily weather the plastic to be flat and rubber-like in texture and look. Still, I do prefer the ‘real’ rubber of the Revell kits.

Having said all this, I would buy another Italeri kit and it turns I have! (stay tuned for more info on that later)

Photos (and video) of the build and completion

So here’s the main meat of the content, the photos! I tried to take as many as I could during the build, but it seems I missed out on taking some documentary of the very early stages, such as when the chassis rails and cross members were still separated! Make no mistake, this is not a simple kit to build, and because the tyres were plastic, I found myself having to make sure I build the chassis as squarely as I could and frequently tested the axles with the wheels attached to ensure all four points were making contact. I’m pleased to say it all turned out fine in the end. So anyway, on to the photos!

Happy New Year! And a revival…of sorts…

Happy New Year  2014 all!

As usual, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. Many things happened in 2013, both blog-worthy and not (unfortunately), so I’ve got a bit of catching-up to do I fear.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to make sure I update this blog more often!

So, I thought I’d start this post with a bit of a rundown of the content you can expect to see on the blog this year:

1. More model kits! Yes, I have been building more model kits since the last update where I showed-off the Bussing 8000. Since the Bussing was completed six months ago, I have obtained no less than six kits which have promptly filled my study/hobby area, and I have so far completed two of those kits. Yes, the Harman Motor Works has its work cut out for it model kit-wise this year…and I intend to blog them all to within an inch of their plastic!

2. More Lego! Since having dismantled the Unimog kit, I have built (and completed) a brand new vehicle of my own design: a two cylinder pneumatic-engined tractor, using an engine I created as seen here in a video from over a year ago. Stay tuned for more info on that! (btw, I have also been dabbling in Lego robotics as of late, so you may come across a post or two detailing some of my creations on that front…I make no apologies for the any mind-bending robotic behaviour you may witness…)

3. More sim stuff! OK I will admit I have been a bit lax in updating this blog to align with my YouTube channel which has been updated a fair bit more frequently, mostly with simulation-related content. I will endeavour to have some posts up on this blog that will hopefully support those videos.

Again, thanks to all that are reading this (and have found this blog useful), I hope this year proves a successful one and here’s to more content!

P.S. Stay tuned: in keeping with the spirit of updating this blog regularly, I will very shortly have a new post up following this, that will showcase the latest model kit which I have just completed. What ever could it be?? More on that shortly!