Büssing 8000 S13 Massive Update! Project Complete?

It’s been too long, several months too-long in fact, since my last update on my Revell Büssing 8000 build. I’m glad to report however that the truck is 99.9% complete!! Why 99.9%? Well, in a way I could never really ‘complete’ something such as this; there’s always something more to ‘weather’ or ‘touch-up’! But for all intents and purposes, I’m happy to say it’s complete for now.

In the end I decided to leave the top panel of the hood (bonnet), roof and tarpauline (as well as the stanchion frames) unglued for quick and easy removal for a better look at the truck. Unfortunately, the roof panel is warped slightly and you may notice panel gaps in some of the pictures; had I glued this down this minor imperfection would not have been evident, but I chose to keep the roof ‘loose’ in order to better show off the interior as desired.

The final process in the build involved generous use of ‘MIG Productions’ weathering powder and I tried not to go overboard. I am quite happy with the final result though.

Pictures Tell a Thousand…

I’m happy to chalk this project up as ‘done’ for now and will let the utter boat (truck?)-load of images do the talking again for this post. Good thing too, as I have a pile of other projects waiting for that precious little space on my workbench. I will keep you posted as to what’s coming up the pipeline soon ;).

For now though, enjoy several month’s worth of progress on the Büssing (from January) up to present-day ‘completion’! (note: it was a difficult decision to choose which pictures made ‘the cut’ below as I had so many of them; I tried to capture a good variety of shots to tell the story). Also included below the images is a link to a quick video on my YouTube channel, HarmanMotor.