Büssing 8000 S13 Project Begins

Box art

I recently received Revell’s excellent Büssing 8000 S13 model kit as a (requested) gift for Christmas. This kit is quite large, with the vehicle measuring up at just over 37cm. I decided I would document and blog as much of the building process as I could (be bothered to). :)

Once built, the model will feature an opening hood/engine compartment, steerable front wheels, and a very detailed superstructure. Having inspected the kit over the past few days, I conclude that this should be a great build. The detail given to the various parts is just incredible and is to be seen to be believed.

Where I’m at

So here’s the build progress to date. I only really started ‘today’, being 28th December 2012. Already I have the chassis frame and associated parts painted, weathered and ready to go together, and the ‘body colour’ parts all painted with Tamiya ‘Pearl Green’ spray…a (slight?) deviation from the Revell ‘Fern Green’, but I’m not too fussed.

As aforementioned, I already started weathering the chassis rails on this kit. I couldn’t wait for it to go together! I am cheating a little bit, and using Tamiya’s ‘Weathering Master’ kit ‘E’ for this. I will probably end up using some of my own custom weathering techniques to weather the kit further.

I recently discovered how well acrylic paints work (and clean up!), so I’m sticking to acrylic paints for this kit. I chose Tamiya brand paints, in both pot and spray form. I am using spray for the larger areas of the body, and paint brushing for the smaller parts (including the chassis rails seen below).

This update is a small one, I will let the pictures do the talking. There will hopefully be further posts as I progress. Enjoy!


What Model Model A?

No that’s not a typo. :)

Here’s a quick post to show off my latest attempt at plastic modelling. It just so happens that I haven’t modelled in ages, so this is my first ‘practice’ model to get myself (hopefully) back into the hobby.

The kit I used was the ‘Special Edition’ 1932 Model A 5-Window Coupe by Revell. I must say this kit went together really well and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m even going to build some of the optional parts (such as the alternative engine) to display alongside the model.

I was amazed at the finish I managed to achieve on the main body using just a paintbrush and acrylic paints. Of course, the paint was thinned-out quite a lot so that it stayed nice and thin. I do believe that I will switch to spray painting methods for any larger upcoming kits in the future though. As good as the finish is here, I do believe that you can’t beat the results that you get with a spray application.

I went a bit crazy with the weathering effects on this model, but I don’t think I went too far overboard. Things such as engine and transmission being coated in oil and grease stains, general dirt and of course…our old friend RUST; I tried to replicate rust effects in many areas of the model and hopefully I succeeded. You be the judge!

My hope was to include this model on a diaroma of sorts. I guess that’s not too late to do still, but I don’t know if it will eventuate yet.

Some photos are below, along with a fun video with a lively backing audio track.