Steam Rolling Stock

Model steam engines are actually quite cool if you’re a bit of a geek like me who’s into anything with a motor in it. Several different manufacturers of the things exist out there, such as Mamod, Wilesco and the much-revered Mercer line of models (read: $$$).

This post introduces you to the current Wilesco range of steam engines I’m lucky enough to possess.

I first picked up a Wilesco steam roller (D365) maybe two years ago now, and that was my first steam model. Since then I’ve acquired another Wilesco model, the D405 tractor.

In this blog I hope to keep you updated on all things model steam, where that be tractors, boats or stationary engines and anything else related to the wide world of steam engines, big and small.

Stay tuned for more posts soon which will go into more detail, but in the meantime enjoy the pics below which show off my current steam inventory…

D365 Steamroller
D365 Steamroller
D365 Steamroller
D405 Tractor
D405 Tractor
D405 Tractor

2 thoughts on “Steam Rolling Stock”

  1. G’day! You can find these models almost anywhere nowadays. Just search for “Wilesco” on Google and go from there. Otherwise, eBay is generally your best bet.

    Stay tuned for more posts on these engines in the near future! The details of their workings fascinate me to no end.



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